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Native Specifications

  • Headline: Max 50 Characters
  • Ad Text: Max 150 Characters
  • Advertiser Name: Max 30 Characters
  • Click through URL: Please include UTM tracker.
  • CTA Button: Choose from a selection on our MI Sheet. (Add Link)
  • Large Image: PNG, JPG or GIF.1200 x 627 pixels (1.91:1 ratio), 2MB
  • Basic Image: PNG, JPG or GIF, 627 x 627 pixels (1:1 ratio), 2MB


  • Image must be appropriate to the product or service advertised
  • Image must not have more than 20% text
  • Image cannot be of poor quality, sexually suggestive or misleading
  • Advertisement must relate to or match the landing page
  • Company name must be reflected in the landing page and the URL

We Recommend

Images that fit the lifestyle look and feel tend to perform much better (not brands/logos)

Copy with a soft call to action to blend in seamlessly with the nature of the surrounding environment (usually editorial pages)