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Data Protection Policy & Best Practices

Data Protection Policy

  • Audience360 prohibits advertisers inserting any tag, code, cookie or other data tracking or collection device for the purpose of re-targeting users of any Audience360 websites on a third party site, network or exchange. Audience360 reserves the right to temporarily pause or cancel, without compensation, campaigns which are found to be non-compliant with this data collection policy.

Best Practice

  • To ensure optimal performance it is recommended that at least two display ad sizes, a mobile banner (if destination is optimised for mobile), and Facebook RHC ad are supplied. The more ad sizes supplied the greater the audience reach and opportunity to optimise.
  • All ad formats should have strong call to actions. With Facebook ads the images/videos are the most compelling eye-catching parts of the ads, therefore copy should be short and concise with a strong call to action.
  • When possible 15 sec pre-roll creatives are the preferred length as there is more inventory available for 15 secs, which increases reach and creates more opportunity to optimise.
  • When editing video assets it is recommended to keep the duration a fraction of a second under 15 or 30 seconds. If the duration of the raw file goes even slightly over the 15 or 30 seconds it will reclassify it into the longer duration inventory, ie. if the raw file is 15.05 secs long it is only eligible to run in 30 sec inventory spots.