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Display Stock-Extend Specifications

Agency Design Specifications

The Dynamic Creative takes 3rd party product information (vehicles, boats, bikes etc from the carsales network) and displays this within a creative off-site. This document provides information to creative agencies on the specifications. The sizes supported are

MREC: 300×250

Half page: 300×600

Audience360 provides two (2) standard DCO creative templates. Please speak to your sales representative to discuss your requirements for creative.


The creative needs to have a solid 1 pixel border around the advert being a light grey in colour.


Any web fonts must be supplied by the Agency. Please ensure you have the appropriate rights to distribute and use the fonts required by your creative.

Third Party Ad-Served Tags

All third-party ad tags, impressions trackers and click trackers must be secure.


The Trade Desk (TTD) DSP – ClickTag Instructions


  • HTML5 creative can be delivered through third party ad tags (via an AdServer) or by uploading directly into our DSP partners.
  • Any support for HTML5 Creatives (click tracker support, rendering issues etc) will be charged time and materials at our standard rates.
  • Preferred as compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices
  • Please ensure you provide a clickTAG macro so we can insert our DSP click tracking url.
  • Please provide one HTML file for each size with all assets embedded into the HTML source code or alternatively have these assets hosted on a CDN which is available over SSL.