As Australians eagerly embrace domestic travel opportunities, exploring the diverse landscapes of our country, our insights platform allows us to shed light on the top origins and destinations, seasonal trends, and emerging travel patterns. Looking ahead, the affordability of travel may face headwinds due to the increased cost of living in Australia.

Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales continue to be the primary drivers of domestic travel, accounting for over 72% of journeys across Australia. These states boast an array of attractions, from bustling cities to stunning coastlines and natural wonders, making them highly sought-after destinations. Queensland solidifies its position as the top visited destination, drawing travellers from all states and territories. Its enduring appeal is evident, with 43% of interstate travellers from New South Wales choosing Queensland as their preferred destination.

A remarkable surge in overall domestic travel searches, up 37% year-on-year, signals the strong desire of Australians to explore post-pandemic and the rising cost of living doesn’t seem to be impacting the allure of travel just yet. People looking to travel in Autumn has seen a significant increase, with a 32% rise in searches compared to the previous year. The mild weather and picturesque landscapes during this season captivate travellers, enticing them to embark on memorable journeys and immerse themselves in Australia’s beauty.

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Travel between Victoria and South Australia witnesses a substantial 56% year-on-year increase, driven in part by the recent AFL Gather round. Sports enthusiasts and avid spectators cross state borders, fueling travel demand and fostering connections between these regions. Meanwhile, Tasmanian travellers exhibit a noticeable shift in preferences, opting to bypass Victoria altogether! Flight and accommodation searches from Tasmania to Victoria declined by 27% year-on-year, with travellers choosing to head further north instead. Queensland saw a significant 77% increase in travel from Tasmania, while New South Wales experiences a 65% surge.

Late May to late June sees a spike in travel to South Australia, driven by the region’s mild weather and the coinciding Autumn harvest. Food and wine enthusiasts are particularly drawn to the culinary delights on offer. This sets up what is sure to be a battle for foodies with Tasmania, who have taken to increase the promotion of their unique food and wine offerings and attract visitors, building on the popular Dark Mofo festival.

From mid-June to late July, Queensland and the Northern Territory emerge as favoured destinations, attracting a larger share of visitors compared to New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. The warm weather and enticing attractions make these regions particularly appealing during this period.

Looking ahead, the increased cost of living in Australia presents challenges for domestic travel affordability. While headline inflation is predicted to decline from its peak of 8% in FY23, it is expected to remain elevated for a longer duration. This could impact the overall affordability of travel and influence travellers’ decision-making processes. To counterbalance the potential affordability concerns, airlines are increasing seat inventory to meet the growing demand for travel. By expanding capacity, they aim to enhance availability and potentially drive down overall travel costs. This strategic move offers hope for travellers seeking more accessible options.

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