The deprecation of the third-party cookie will be the biggest change in digital media since its inception in 1994. Despite Google delaying once again, at Audience360 we don’t live in the ‘if, when or how’ cookies will be deprecated, we have a solution that allows advertisers to move to the new way of audience addressability and measurement in the here and now.   

As a first-party audience provider, Audience360 saw an opportunity to reach previously unaddressable audiences across cookieless browsers such as Safari and Firefox, and we wanted our own solution securely in place once Google makes its move too. Our clients are already seeing the benefits of reaching incremental audiences with this solution, as well as the power of targeting in-market audiences, as shown by the following case study. 


A Queensland-based finance and insurance provider approached Audience360 to deliver a campaign promoting its line of car insurance products. Once we got under the hood of the brief and the business, we saw a greater potential for the campaign to not only illustrate the benefits of reaching an in-market audience but to gain greater insight into who their on-target customer was, and what their journey to purchase entailed across all browsers and devices, leveraging technology and overcoming cookie deprecation. 


Audience360 leveraged exclusive audiences from our data partners and our purpose-built non-cookie-based technology solution to engage with potential customers across premium pre-roll Video and Display channels.

First-Party Data

By leveraging our first-party, branded data we enabled the insurer to reach in-market customers effectively across premium digital media channels. Strategically targeting individuals at various stages of the buying journey enabled the client to deliver personalised creatives that resonated with their specific needs. Furthermore, our first-party data also provided unique insights into the audience, from their in-market behaviour to their overall life stage and profiles helping the insurer to define its on-target audience


Audience360 takes privacy seriously and our ID solution leverages privacy preserving principals such as encryption of all data in transit, no collection of PII data, and consent management, allowing consumers to opt-out of targeted advertising. This ensures consumers and our clients are protected with market leading practices. 

Cookieless activation  

The Audience360 ID solution enables the ability to identify relevant audiences that aren’t addressable in cookieless environments, future-proofing significant on-target audience reach across all browsers for our clients. 

Deep audience insights & campaign measurement 

Utilising the Audience360 AudienceTag applied to the insurer’s website, we provided campaign measurement beyond clicks and conversions and overlaid it with behavioural data from our exclusive audience partners to provide a unique view of the campaign’s effectiveness as well as deep insights into the insurer’s audience. 

Campaign Performance

The campaign strongly demonstrated the value of reaching an in-market audience 

The campaign also demonstrated the value of reaching audiences in cookieless environments 


By applying the Audience360 AudienceTag to the Insurance client’s website, we were able to track a customer’s journey, within any browser in a privacy centric approach – including those without cookies, from campaign interaction to actions taken on-site and see the crossover with our data partner activity to gain a greater understanding of their path to purchase. We were able to ascertain that:

  • 27% of the audience are in the market to buy a car and therefore likely to require new or update existing car insurance products 
  • 7% of the audience are comparing car loans and car insurance products online 
  • On average, users visit the insurer’s website 3 times over a period of 7 days before submitting an application 

Additionally, we were able to gauge some key profile and interest attributes, showing that likely customers for this brand are:

The campaign was a success, not only in delivering new visitors to the insurer’s site and leads for their car insurance products but in gaining a greater understanding of its in-market audience and providing greater reassurance that marketing efforts can thrive post-cookie.

To discuss an audience and marketing strategy that harnesses the power of first-party data, or to implement our cookieless targeting solution for your next campaign get in touch with our team today.