Business travel plays a vital role in the economic development of Australia and New Zealand, making up 37% of travel searches in the past year. With a focus on corporate professionals and executives, understanding the unique requirements of this audience segment is crucial for marketers operating in the travel and hospitality industry, or those seeking business decision makers.

Powered by exclusive data partnerships with highly trusted travel brands, Audience360 Travel sees more ‘in-market’ Australian and New Zealand travellers than any other first party data provider in the region, including over a combined 1.26M business travellers monthly.

By analysing our first party travel data and industry insights we explore the various aspects of the business traveller market, including demographics, travel patterns, and preferences to offer you a unique insight into travel in our region.

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The business traveller segment in Australia and New Zealand consists of a diverse range of professionals, with some common characteristics, which include:

  • White collar professionals with various levels of seniority and industry sectors
  • Typically aged between 30 and 55, with 31% falling within the 35-49 age group
  • Slightly weighted towards male, although female business travellers are steadily increasing with a 57% and 43% split respectively
  • The average household income of business travellers is over $250,000 per annum

Travel Patterns

Business travellers in Australia and New Zealand exhibit distinct travel patterns that influence their preferences and decision-making processes. Key insights include:

  • Business travellers embark on an average of six domestic trips annually
  • The average length of stay for domestic business travel is 2.5 days with at least one overnight stay
  • Business travellers have an average daily spend of $453 which demonstrates their remarkable contribution to the tourism economy
  • Major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Wellington are the primary origins and destinations for business-related travellers with 54% passing through these city airports
  • Business travellers are looking to hire cars for an average two days while travelling
  • 10% of our business traveller audience have searched for travel insurance within the last three months

Preferences and Interests

Understanding the preferences of business travellers helps marketers tailor their offerings to meet their specific needs. Key insights include:

  • Accommodation: Business travellers often prioritise convenience, comfort, and proximity to city centres and business districts when selecting accommodation, often opting to stay in major four star hotels
  • Technology and connectivity: Seamless access to high-speed internet, mobile connectivity, and business amenities such as conference facilities and audiovisual equipment are essential
  • Work-life balance: Business travellers are increasingly seeking opportunities to blend work with leisure activities, calling for destinations and services that cater to both professional and personal needs
  • Sustainable practices: Eco-friendly accommodations, carbon offset programs, and responsible business operations, aligns with the values of environmentally conscious business travellers

The business traveller market in Australia and New Zealand presents significant opportunities for marketers looking for professionals, business decision makers and high-income individuals. With a unique understanding of the characteristics and preferences of business travellers, Audience360 can develop a tailored strategy for your business to reach in-market business travellers for your next campaign.

We reach your target audience across digital media channels, including programmatic, social, connectedTV and digital audio to drive significant marketing and revenue outcomes for your business, by leveraging exclusive first party data and our custom analytics platform. We help define your target audiences based on deterministic actions travellers take when searching and booking flights, accommodation and car hire online.

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