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The Challenge

A high-end retail brand who had a strong duty-free footprint and international airports prior to the Covid-19 pandemic wanted to build on their former strategy by targeting the ‘Elite Traveller’ to replicate their previous audience targeting albeit online rather than bricks and mortar.

The campaign objective was to drive online product sales whilst at the same time ensure that a strong brand recall and consideration of the advertiser’s brand was maintained whilst international travel out of Australia was unavailable.

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Our Approach

Identifying true ‘Elite Travellers’ is not something every travel data vendor can achieve however the Audience360 Travel data set, relying on exclusive first party travel intent data, makes this possible. Audience360 is able to deterministically identify the target audience by looking at the exact type of bookings users are making, including travel class, frequent flyer program, origin and destination.

We know Elite Travellers’ prefer premium economy, business and first class travel (depending on length of trip) and luxury hotels, however, their primary factor upon booking where to stay is location. Elite Travellers are not averse to flying economy or staying in mid-tier/full-service accommodation to secure the specific location they require – only just over half of this cohort’s flight bookings are front of cabin with a similar percentage also not only stay at luxury hotels. Therefore, one trip does not indicate that a traveller is always an Elite Traveller, it also indicates that someone flying economy for a particular reason does not exclude them from this segmentation. This is why it is imperative that your travel data vendor has a real time view of these users, leveraging first party deterministic traveller attributes, while maintaining an adequate lookback window.

Elite Travellers on average also conduct a higher number of flight and accommodation searches prior to booking and are ‘loyal’ to their preferred brands. Elite Travellers are significantly more likely to hold Gold or higher status with multiple airlines and hotel chains.

When looking at these attributes, segmenting the audience as Elite, and then utilising analysis from ComScore Plan Metrix we are also made aware that this audience indexes higher than the average population to be partial to luxury brands. This analysis indicates that Elite Travellers are over four times more likely to visit Dior.com, almost six times more likely to visit Giorgioarmani.com, and almost three times more likely to visit Louisvitton.com.

Utilising the above information the A360 Elite Traveller segment was created and applied to pre-roll video, social, display, and search engine marketing placements.

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The Result

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The campaign reached Elite Travellers with collaborative game theory attribution being the key success measurement methodology

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Audience360 Travel campaign that included the Elite Traveller audience delivered a return on advertiser spend of x10 when compared to a control targeted group that did not include the Elite Traveller audience.