Timeliness in activation of data is absolutely critical for the travel industry. What’s key is showing available inventory to people who are in the market to buy right now so that your business is presenting the right message to the right traveller at the right time. This is the optimal way to ensure travellers are considering your products when they are ready to lay down their credit card and spend.

Let’s use an example to demonstrate this. If you own a hotel which has vacant rooms in Sydney tonight there is no point showing a traveller an offer in three days’ time when they are looking for accommodation tonight. Likewise if you need to fill a seat on a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong next week, there is no point advertising to someone who is looking to take off tomorrow. Without using the right data in a timely way, this will only lead to wasted ad spend.

Data is key here. To achieve the highest probability of closing the sale, it’s essential to use deterministic intent data. Deterministic data is factual and it can be determined without question.


When travellers are planning a trip, the average path to purchase includes searching for accommodation options a day or two before buying a flight. This is critical deterministic data for airlines. Using this information to target a traveller for flight offers to the destination where they have searched for accommodation gives the airline a better chance of making the sale. This is because the airline knows the destination the traveller is headed to, the dates on which they are looking to travel, and even what price range they are looking at for more relevant creative campaigns. In short, the advertiser knows what the traveller wants next without the traveller needing to search for it. Removing the number of touchpoints required to convert the traveller into a sale will mean less opportunity for the traveller to ‘disappear’ through the path to purchase.

Audience360, Australia’s leading publisher of first-party data, has data partnerships with webjet.com.au & webjet.co.nz, as well as others to deliver transparent, verified, and real time marketing opportunities to meet the advertisers’ needs. Our advertisers can use this data to target people in market searching for flights, hotel accommodation and experiences who are ready to buy right now.

The result is higher conversion rates, higher profits and less wasted advertising spend. In today’s shrunken COVID-affected market, few travel companies can ignore the competitive advantage we deliver.