In the new era of work, with employees returning to the office in hybrid mode and key meetings once more requiring face-to-face (socially distanced) interaction, Business travellers are on the move again but looking for more flexibility in travel options with “booking changes” high on their list of requirements.

Based on content and search behaviour we are seeing Business travellers requiring the creature comforts of home in addition to necessities to be able to work efficiently whilst ‘on the road’. This is seen with a higher indexation towards 5 star hotels (93%), 4 star hotels (88%) and Airbnb (71%) compared to the general travelling population, with legroom, seat upgrades and amenities, such as Wi-Fi, all important agenda items for these frequent travellers.

Not surprisingly, the most popular domestic origin / destination is Sydney & Melbourne for Business travellers, with flight bookings on this route already at 60% of what they were pre-covid.

Here’s a few more stats on this high-earning audience and how they’re currently travelling:

  • Average daily rate: $450
  • Average length of stay: 2.8 days
  • Average search to book timeline: 4.5days
  • Advanced purchase timeline: 4.3days

Business Traveller vs. General In-Market Traveller 

Business Traveller

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