Snow sport travellers are cashed up and looking at international travel for the first time in two years. While Japan is still closed, in market travel to Queenstown has increased by 41% from March to April 2022 and both South Korea, and North America also look set to reap an influx of those desperate to ski and snowboard

Snow sport travellers index 150% more likely than the general travelling population for luxury accommodations, filling boutique chalets and five star hotels throughout the season.

When they’re not on the slopes, the snow sport enthusiast is happily shopping. They’re 80% more likely to make luxury retail purchases than your average traveller. After all, après ski calls for your best designer look.

As expected, our high-income ski bunnies not only like to travel in style whilst overseas, their daily commute is just as prestigious, with an intention of Luxury Car purchases 70% higher than your average traveller.

Snow Sport Traveller vs. General In-Market Traveller 

Snow Sport Traveller vs. General In-Market Traveller

Here’s a few more stats around our Snow Sport Enthusiast and how they’re currently travelling:

  • Average daily spend: $250
  • Average length of stay: 5.5 days
  • Average search to book timeline: 7.8 days
  • Advanced purchase timeline: 19.3 days

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