Travel marketing is constantly evolving, with data informing the philosophy that guides modern advertising. Understanding your ideal client, discovering the right time to advertise and what factors will lead towards the highest return on investment are crucial to any travel marketer. Predicting what a traveller needs before they get to the next step of booking their holiday sounds almost impossible, but by utilising the best data, it is possible – and achieves results

Not all data is created equal and the use of generic travel data on offer doesn’t allow for focus on the individual traveller. This leads to potential travellers being marketed a typical type of hotel, destination, resort or any aspect of the travel experience without understanding who they are, what category of traveller they fit into, or where they are in the booking process. 

Our high-quality data, in partnership with, allows us to more wholly understand the type of traveller our clients are looking for, giving insight into the traveller’s behaviour that means we can target them based on what they like and more importantly, what they need next. 

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Our custom insight and analytics  tool shows that 68 per cent of hotels are booked 6 hours after a flight is booked. By understanding the destination and the type of traveller (i.e. adventurer, foodie, business traveller), we can properly utilise data to show the target audience a curated hotel or travel experience that elicits a direct response. 

This doesn’t just secure a new customer for your business, but it can lead to repeat customers who value the service that a travel destination or provider offers and can increase the average length of stay. 

By reliably predicting consumer behaviour and achieving high conversion rates we can effectively utilise high-quality data to boost your business, get in touch to find out more.