In a recent roadshow we found marketing teams were increasingly asking the question “how can we get reliable information on which to base our marketing budgets and strategy. How will we know when to get back into market?

Times are uncertain with a constantly shifting landscape and we got to exploring first party data could be used to form a basis for this decision. We began look at behavioural trends across the population and how people were engaging with COVID 19, and began to realise there were some clear themes which could serve useful to marketing teams.

The population with anxiety over the crisis were clearly concerned about their health, respiratory conditions and previous pandemics.


covid 19

Interest Cloud: The population that were anxious about COVID 19 displayed health related interests on the subject

This clear divide amongst the population allowed us to begin understanding creative messaging and engagement strategies when addressing these audiences

Actionable Insights

To address the question “How will we know when to get back into market” we needed a measure of the consumer. Through first party data partnerships were able to monitor site traffic and booking, and in the case of a travel vertical we were able to observe travellers returning to market as COVID 19 anxiety began to flatten.

covid 19


Further investigation showed that data such as Google trends offered little in terms of actionable intent signals.

Where to next?

As we move into a world where data becomes a strategic business asset, it is imperative that we understand the quality and accuracy of our data to ensure planning and strategy is executed to the highest fidelity.

In the new world, expect to see new forms of measurement beyond standard media attribution where data partnerships can provide greater understanding and insight into your business, product and marketing effectiveness.